One Girl Farm

My mission

As the girl of One Girl Farm, I believe in keeping food production local, sustainable, and personal. My goal is to produce great tasting, quality, wholesome food without compromising the health of the ecosystem or the consumer.

I live with a small herd of peaceful cows that I treat with respect and compassion.  They spend their days in native pasture in the open sunshine and graze on lush grasses, flowering weeds, and brush. We have created a sustainable oasis for livestock, grass, and wildlife.

High Omega 3s
Humanely Raised

No grains, hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, or wormers

To Purchase

Keeping it local, One Girl Farm products are only available in Central Texas.  To arrange to pick it up in Austin, call Sheera at (512) 940.4490 or email me at onegirlfarm@hush.com.

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