One Girl Farm

The Ranch

One Girl Farm is really one girl, me (Sheera), living on the land outside of Rosanky Texas. I had felt increasingly dismayed by the industrialization of everything in our lives and longed to reconnect to the land and the sources of my food. One day I decided to do something about it.
I didn't know how to farm, or raise cows, or build a house, but figured I'd learn as I went. I found a nice stretch of land an hour outside of Austin, and out of sheer stubbornness and determination I built a house by hand, installing rainwater collection tanks and solar panels.
I  acquired a few cows and started by treating them with respect. They watched as I built my house and I watched as they grazed. Gradually I learned how to raise them and internalized my core belief; No compromises. And I learned that it is not only possible, but rewarding, to live by that belief.

The Cows

The cows are treated with respect. They range freely during the day on ample grazing land and nap under the trees. At night they sleep under the stars. In bad weather they wander into their shelter. They all know their names and respond when I call. I do not separate calves from their mothers. They wean when they are ready.

They are not immunized or given supplements, hormones, or stimulants. No chemicals are used on them (such as wormers or insecticides) or on the land. I handle them humanely; I do not use cattle chutes, trailers, or prods. 


One Girl Farm beef is state inspected. The Svetlik family processes the beef for me. They have been custom processing meats for more than 40 years and are wonderful to work with. They have respected my exact criteria; from the humane handling of my animals to the finished product. The beef is hung and dry aged and is never rinsed or handled with chemicals. It is then cut, vacuum wrapped in freezer plastic, and  immediately hard frozen.